what i do

Experience & Education

I currently hold a full professorship for International Tourism Management at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences Faculty of International Business. Previously I was professor for tourism and event management at the International School of Management, in Frankfurt.

I have over fifteen years of experience in education and over a decade in consulting on international development and management projects.

My greatest strength is my interdisciplinary background including a PhD in Sociology, classic business administration and management (MBA, PDM), a Masters of Science in Urban development and International Cooperation and a BA Hons in Tourism and Heritage Management.
This seemingly crazy mix demonstrates my approach to life-long learning as a multi-faceted journey. The challenges facing students, employees and entrepreneurs are diverse and complex and my ability to help solve complex challenges comes straight out of my diverse background. I view challenges from a number of perspectives.

I'm a multi-interest professional with extensive experience in education, consulting and coaching...
Always learning and always evolving!

Let's Collaborate

To get in touch and talk about how we can collaborate, drop me an email ngukai@lauren-ugur.eu.