About Me

My story

A global citizen

Born to teach, raised a global citizen.

Life began in a place of gold – Egoli - or more commonly known as Johannesburg, South Africa.

Growing up in the world's largest manmade forest I enjoyed an amazing multicultural upbringing at a very exciting time in the country’s history.
I was privaledged to be a part of a new generation, a generation of hope for a peaceful and united country.

My upbringing and education was diverse and I was lucky enough to have had access to so many formal and informal learning opportunities, which made me aware of my privaledge from an early age. The recognition that potential can never be realised when access to learning is denied has driven my career development and absolute passion for education.

Had you told me that my 10 month trip to Germany back in 2007 would result in marrying a Turk in a traditional Germany Rathaus (town hall) on a quaint market square in Darmstadt I would have questioned your sanity but, as life happens, I met my person, changed my name from Hammond to Ugur and have been blessed with two beautiful children.

This journey we call life has only cemented my resolve that education is the key to our future. The access to opportunity and the ability to learn are what our common well-being depends on. When I look at my own children and talk to the young people taking my classes and seeking to make their way in the world, I always return to questioning how it is that I can contribute to better learning experiences for as many people as possible.

My biggest fear?

Education practices that kill creativity and dampens the imagination and resolve of our future generations!

Let's collaborate!

To get in touch and talk about how we can collaborate, drop me an email: ngukai@lauren-ugur.eu.