"Educate to Innovate"

Lauren Ugur

I am a passionate educator, consultant and coach.


Lauren Uǧur

Passionate Educator, Learning Experience Designer & Management Specialist Focused on Sustainable Development.

I believe that education is the only real key we have to secure a prosperous future. It is through education that we can enable creativity and foster innovation. To change the world, we need to change the way we think.

In all of my work I foster learning and create the space for critical reflection and imagination, helping students and clients shift their mindsets.

my Philosophy

Learning is a lifelong process and must be diverse, inclusive and accessible to all if we are to create a world in which we can even begin to achieve social, ecological and economic sustainability.

LeT's Collaborate

To get in touch and talk about how we can collaborate, drop me an email ngukai@lauren-ugur.eu.

What motivates me